保健食品選購與食用需知 Notice for Purchasing Health Food

一般注意事項 正確食用法 劑量與活性成份 製造方法與添加物 劑量換算 貯存 交互作用


Currently, Health Food is developing very fast while many people are used to taking a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other suppliments. If you are one of them, the information below may provide you with some detailed referrence about nutrient suppliments that you are taking.

一般注意事項 Basic Notice


Some plant extracts may cause side effects when taken along with some medicines. Therefore, it is essentially important to inform your doctor or pharmacist in advance about low-salt, low-sugar, or any other particular diet.


如何正確食用營養補充品 How to Take Nutrient Suppliments Correctly


1. Basically, nutrient suppliments are usually taken during regular meals. However, some particular nutrient suppliments have to be taken before meals in order to increase absorbing rate. i.e. Glucosamine, Chasteberry. By drinking adequate warm water, absorbability can be effectively increased while side effects can be possibly decreased.

二、維生素 A、D、E 、K,貝他葫蘿蔔素,及必需脂肪酸(Essential 魚油,月見草油等均為脂溶性營養補充品),與食物混合後可提高吸收率,應在用餐時食用。

2. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Betaman, and essential fatty acids (fat-solube nutrient suppliments including Fish Oil, Linoleic Acid, etc.) should be taken along with meals since absorbability can be increased when mixed with food.


3. Minerals should not be taken along with fiber crops or SeaSlim because fiber crops can possibly effect the absorbability of minerals.


4. High-dosage suppliments should be divided into several servings with lower dosages. Each serving should be evenly taken at different time in a day.


5. Some people's digestion systems are quite sensitive when they take suppliments in capsule or tablet form before meals. Symptons can be fixed simply by taking the suppliments along with meals or taking suppliments in liquid state.


6. When the amount of one single type of B vitamin taken increases, the amounts of other B vitamins taken should be increased simultaneously. Regularly, it is unnecessary to take any individual vitamin. If you are afraid of having insufficient nutrients, you can simply take the Total B-Complex, which contains various vitamins; however, each individual type of vitamin has very low dosage, so it is not harmful for human body at all. Typically, Total B-Complex already provides enough various vitamins and minerals for the elderly unless it is suggested to take any particular high-unit individual vitamin by doctors or medical professionals.


7. Water-soluble vitamin-B complex and vitamin C are possibly damaged when suffering from factors, such as high pressure, high temperature, acids, bases, lights, cigarettes, and alcohols. They can also be carried away by perspiration and urine. As a result, it is necessary to take them frequently and consistenly. On the other hand, absorbabilities of fat-soluble vitamins can last longer. Hoever, they should not be taken at high dosages in case excessive vitamins turns out poisonous.


劑量與活性成份 Dosages and Active Ingredients


Currently, there are a lot of products with unreal ingredient labels! Although those unreal products are usually sold at lower prices, there is only little effect. As a consequence, it will just become a waste of money and cause bad effects on your health! The most important key for selecting health foods should be the quantities of the acting ingredients, which are supposed to be contained in any health food of natural extracts. Regularly, people can be easily misled by the seemingly right names, the cheap prices, or the numbers of capsules. Meanwhile, "miligrams per capsule" may be noticed when a deeper look is taken. However, knowledgeable customers will realize that those factors are not enough to determine the quality of any health food. Instead, the concentrations of active ingredients are the actual key for any health food of natural extract. Some wholesale markets sell their health food products at extremely low prices in order to attract customers. To prevent purchasing low-quality health foods, customers should carefully verify the detailed dosages and ingredient labels. On the other hand,

魚油(Fish Oil)來說,Ω-3濃度才是關鍵,一般市售膠囊狀魚油可視其標示的Ω-3濃度得知所含EPA和DHA的含量,例如最常見每粒1000?#37327;?#30340;魚油含EPA及DHA等Ω-3油酸共300?#37327;?EPA180mg和DHA120mg)濃度即為30%,其保健功能與濃度60%(EPA396mg和DHA264mg)的頂級魚油膠囊絕不能相比,如果產品未標示有效成分濃度時,光看每粒幾?#37327;?#26159;無法完全洞悉選購保健食品的乾坤,另一方面,高品質的深海魚油呈透明金黃色,純度不好的呈混沌或其他顏色。

您吃的是魚油還是沙拉油? 深海魚油20%中國進口標籤不明,原產國成謎

Take Fish Oil for instance, the concentration of omega-3 is the most important factor. Regularly, the concentration of omega-3 of any fish oil marketed is supposed to be labelled to tell the contents of EPA and DHA. For example, the most common omega-3 concentration on the market is 30%, which means every capsule of 1000mg fish oil contains 300mg of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acid in total (180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA). However, the effect of it is relatively incomparable to the MegaPure Fish Oil with a much higher omega-3 concentration of 60% (396mg of EPA and 264mg of DHA). Therefore, the actual quality of any health food cannot be only based on the contents in miligrams per capsule. In addition, high-quality fish oil appears transparently golden while low-quality fish oil appears turbid, unclear, or mixed with other colours.

External Links: Are you taking fish oil or salad oil? 20% of Fish Oil Actually Imported from China with Unclear Import Tab; Myth of Country of Origin.


Take Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) for instance, the concentration of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) is the most important factor. The highest concentration of standard Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is 10% of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). However, regular EPO only contains around 6% to 7% of GLA. High-quality EPO appears transparently amber while low-concentration EPO appears turbid, unclear, or mixed with other colours.


Take Chitosan for instance, deacety lation is the most important specification. Many Chitosan products sold on the market only has a deacety lation of around 80% to 85% and can only be purchased for cosmetic and industrial uses. Those Chitosan products with relatively low deacety lation are definitely not supposed to be taken into human bodies. Only Chitosan with deacety lation higher than 90% is suitable to be dietary fiber and edible.

葡萄籽(Grape Seed)來說,葡萄子萃取物中的原花青素OPC的濃度才是關鍵,最高濃度的標準葡萄子萃取物百分比是含95%的OPC,如果產品未標示有效成分濃度時,有可能是含95%OPC的,但也可能是只含15%或更低OPC的,如果是含15%OPC的100?#37327;?#33889;萄子萃取物,其中所含的OPC就是15?#37327;耍?#19981;過如果是每粒25?#37327;?#21547;95%OPC的葡萄子萃取物,那麼其中的OPC濃度就接近24?#37327;?#20102;,結果後者每粒25?#37327;?#30340;產品反而比前者每粒100?#37327;?#30340;產品所含的有效濃度高。

Take Grape Seed for instance, the concentration of Proanthocyanidin (OPC) is the most important factor. The highest concentration of standard Grape Seed is 95% of OPC. If there is no concentration label for the product, there are chances to contain 95% of OPC, but also chances to contain only 15% or below 15%. If the 100mg/capsule grape seed extract has a concentration of 15% of OPC, then there is 15mg of OPC contained. However, if the 25mg/capsule grape seed extract has a concentration of 95% of OPC, then there is approximately 24mg of OPC contained. As a result, the 25mg/capsule grape seed extract is contrarily more effective than the 100mg/capsule one.



供貨廠商的專業與義務 Professions and Duties of Suppliers


Good suppliers are supposed to be professional in the functions, active ingredients, and dosages of the products in order to responsibly provide sufficient information for customers for reference.


劑量單位的換算 Converting Dosage Units


維生素A (Vitamin A): 1μg= 3.3 IU (IU=國際單位 international unit)

維生素D (Vitamin D): 1μg= 40 IU

天然維生素E (Natural Vitamin E): 1mg= 1.5 IU

合成維生素E (Synthetic Vitamin E): 1mg= 1.0 IU

β-胡蘿蔔素 (β-Carotene): 6μg= 1 RE(視網醇當量,retinol equivalentRE)=3.3 IU



如何正確貯存保健食品 How to Store Health Foods Correctly and Safely


Proper storage of health food is very important; improper storage can possibly cause deterioration and inefficacy of the health food. Basic principles for storing health foods are listed below:


Place health foods in locations unreachable for children in order to avoid being eaten by mistake.


Place health foods in the original containers for easier identification and storage.


Avoid placing health foods in any hot or sunlit location because high temperature can cause deterioration.


Avoid storing health foods close to washrooms, sinks, or other humid locations because heat and humidity can cause health foods to decompose and deteriorate.


Avoid storing health foods in cars or other vehicles for too long because of their high temperatures.


Avoid keeping expired or deteriorated health foods because they can possibly be eaten by mistake.



Regular Health Food Products Are Not Supposed to Cite Any "DoH Food Permit Number" or Any Other Synonymous Words


In contents of product names/ descriptions/ images, health foods are not supposed to cite any official serial numbers like "DoH Food Permit No. xxxxxxxx" no matter the products have passed inspection and registration or prescription inspection to be officially identified as food.


Examples of Violations: "DoH Food Permit No. xxxxxxxx", "DoH Food Permit No. xxxxxxxx Permitted", "DoH Food Permit Number Possessed", "DoH Food Permit No. xxxxxxxx Inspection Passed", "DoH Food Permit No. xxxxxxxx Inspected and Identified as Prescribed Food", "DoH Food Permit No. xxxxxxxx Inspection and Registration Identified as Prescribed Food", "DoH Prescription Inspection Passed".


For Detailed Information: DoH Food Permit Number (Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health).


藥物-食物交互作用 Vitamin-Drug Interaction


Content below is written by Taipei Veterans General Hospital Medical Team, Veterans Affairs Commisions, Executive Yuan

維他命A主要貯存於肝臟,攝取過量可能引起肝指數上升、肝臟傷害等;因此若高劑量維他命A併用如抗心律不整藥amiodarone、抗結核藥isoniazid 的藥物可能引起肝臟毒性,會增加肝臟疾病的危險;而併用抗凝血劑warfarin可能增加出血的危險。

Vitamin A is mainly stored in liver. Over intake may cause liver function index to dramatically increase or damage; etc. Therefore, taking high-dosage vitamin A along with drugs in the treatment of arrhythmia, such as amiodarone and isoniazid, may cause danger of liver disease. Also, taking high-dosage vitamin A along with warfarin may increase danger of bleeding.

維他命E併用阿斯匹靈 (aspirin)、非固醇類抗發炎藥物(如ibuprofen、naproxen) 或warfarin可能增加出血機率。

Simultaneously taking vitamin E and aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like ibuprofen or naproxen, or warfarin, may increase incidence of bleeding.

維他命D併用含鋁、鎂之制酸劑(俗稱胃藥)會增加腎功能不良者體內鋁、鎂堆積;高劑量維他命D可能引起高血鈣,可能增?#29992;?#22320;黃 (digoxin) 引起心律不整的危險、降低verapamil用於心房顫動的療效;thiazide類利尿劑本身會減少鈣質從尿液排出,併用維他命D可能引起高血鈣。

Simultaneously taking vitamin D and antacids (also known as stomach acidity neutralizer), which contains aluminum or magnesium, may increase the accumulation of aluminum or magnesium in body whose kidney fails to function. High-dosage vitamin D may not only cause high calcium in blood but also increase the risk that digoxin results in arrhythmia, declines the medical effect of verapamil in the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Diuretic of thiazide class itself can reduce calcium drained through urine, but it may cause high calcium in blood when being taken along with vitamin D.


Vitamin K can reduce the effect of warfarin. Since green vegetables also contains rich vitamin K; therefore, warfarin takers are suggested to maintain everyday ingestion quantity of vitamin K the same.

大劑量阿斯匹靈會降低血中葉酸濃度;葉酸可能降低抗癲癇藥物phenobarbital的療效;大劑量葉酸(每日大於1 mg)可能增加抗癲癇藥物phenytoin的代謝,惡化癲癇的控制。

High-dosage aspirin may decrease the concentration of folic acid in blood. Folic acid may reduce the medical effect of phenobarbital, in the treatment of epilepsy. High-dosage folic acid (> 1mg/day) may increase the metabolism of phenytoin and therefore deteriorate the control of epilepsy.

維他命C會降低乙型交感神經阻斷劑 (如propranolol) 之吸收;維他命C會增加鐵質吸收;維他命C會增加雌激素的吸收及降低其代謝、提高血中雌激素濃?#21462;?/p>

Vitamin C may reduce the absorbency of Beta-blocker, such as propranolol, increase the absorbency of iron. Vitamin C may also increase the absorbency of estrogen but decrease the metabolism of it, and therefore increase the concentration of estrogen in blood.


Vitamin B6 may increase the metabolism of phenobarbital and phenytoin, in the treatment of epilepsy, and levodopa, in the treatment of Parkinson's disease; as a result, decrease the effects of those above.

菸鹼酸可能增加statin類降血脂藥物引起肌肉病變的危險?#24800;?#40572;酸併用阿斯匹靈、非固醇類抗發炎藥物 (ibuprofen、naproxen) 或warfarin可能增加出血危險。

Niacin may increase the risks that lipid-lowering drugs result in muscle disease. Taking niacin along with aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, or warfarin, may increase incidence of bleeding.



Reminder: It would be better get advices from professenials as doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists; etc, while taking health foods. Alss, please follow the proper methods and take health foods patiently in order to reach the ideal effect. It is especially important to consult with doctors before taking drugs and health foods simultaneously.